Bitcoin has been widely used due to the amazing features it offers. However, it is yet to achieve the goal of replacing traditional fiat currency. One of the reasons for this is because you can use fiat currency offline to buy almost anything that you want.

The same cannot be said regarding Bitcoin as it requires the user to be online in order to submit a transaction. However, as time goes by, technology evolves. We now have a way to send Bitcoin transactions directly without connecting to internet.

How to send Bitcoin transactions when offline?

Recently, a New Zealand Crypto enthusiast and member of the Crypto Community NZ sent two different Bitcoin transactions without having a direct internet connection. All this was done using a basic $30 smartphone, 4 Gotenna’s and the Samourai wallet.


The longest offline Bitcoin transaction ranged 12 Km. What he did was send a transaction from his smartphone and broadcasted it using a Gotenna. This was picked up by another Gotenna which was placed around 6 Km away and relayed again. Finally, it was picked up by the Gotenna that was with his girlfriend.


This transaction was then broadcasted to the Bitcoin network using the cellular connection present on his girlfriend’s phone. As soon as this was confirmed on the network, the transaction could be seen on her wallet. The whole network can stay offline, but it needs to broadcast the transactions to the network from time to time in order to prevent any double spends.

This method is still in its experimental stage. However, the success of two transactions going through means that we will soon see offline Bitcoin transactions as well.



Offline Bitcoin transactions were not achieved using some expensive technologies. Instead, an entry-level smartphone and 4 GoTenna’s were able to send transactions up to 12Km.

Now, a larger mesh of Gotenna’s can have a larger range and by powering all of them using solar panels can mean that the whole network is truly decentralized.

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