Crypto Community NZ Ribs Night

18:30 - 17 May 2018
At Tony's Lord Nelson

37 Victoria St West, Auckland


This week we’ll be at the Kindslander and they’re having…Thursday all you can eat Ribs Special!

Come over to catch up with old friends and maybe meet new ones.
Have a few drinks, trade and talk about Cryptocurrencies, altcoins, blockchain and any other related topics. If there is a specific topic you’d like to cover please let me know in advance.

If you are a beginner or just curious to learn just come over and we’ll attempt to answer as many of your questions.
We can help you set up a wallet if you’re having trouble. We will first explain how the wallet works, how to send and receive and what you need to be careful of before you begin.
It’s recommended to have with you a notepad or an electronic device where you can take some notes. Don’t shy away from asking questions and feel free to contact me in advance with questions and I’ll do my best to make you feel welcome :)

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